Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Day I Lost My Sister

The Day I lost My Sister

On a Saturday, I took my little sister out. to the sliver park Auckland mall. So I wanted to do something special with her, we would play and run around. we would get our nails done, sparkled up so nicely that everyone would  get jealous.

Then I asked my little sister to “go wait by the toilet door for me”. When I came out. She wasn't there? I would call out for her name and ask people if they have seen her agitated as HELL!!. thinking what would my mother say to me.

I went back to all the shops we went to but she still wasn't there then I went back to the toilets where I last left her and there she was sitting down bursted out into tears waiting for me. I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug I could ever give her and I told her “I would never do this again”.

I felt so glad to find my sister and at the same time I felt scared when I left her behind with no one to stay by her side.

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