Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas Day Was Awesome!

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Well this month is December the very last month of 2015 OMG!! and last week Friday Was Christmas Eve. What me and My whanau do for Xmas. We went down To Hawks Bay To Waitotara To have Christmas On Christmas day My whanau was spending our time down in Waitotara with Justin's-Step Dad whanau.Image result for hangi maori foodImage result for pavlovaImage result for Eton mess
"We Also Had a MEAN AS FEED!! MEAN Feed" we had Hangi(under ground cook food) On It Was SOO! delicious, All the Whanau had a big feed and for dessert we had Pavlova, there was also another tasty dessert called the Eton Mess and other dessert's (forgot the names of the desserts). They So nice My Mouth was watery, I just couldn't wait to put it in my mouth.

After we had a satisfying, delicious, (Maori Style) Hangi and the most joyable fabulous desserts. Once our stomach had calm down from the Mean feed. Me and My Tamariki-(Mum, Step Dad, and Kids) went down to the beach to have a little swim to cool down The rest of the Whanau stayed home. What me and my siblings got for Christmas was a Xbox 360 that we all have to share I mean that ok with me so Yeah!!.
"I really have Enjoyed this Year so much It had been really pleasing and achievable I can't wait for next year WOW!!".
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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Frations And Percent

Kia orana and welcome to my Blog As you all know my name is Tyli i Just wanted to say it anyway's lolz. any ways this is a blog post about fraction and percent. Done in Miss Hockly's maths class.
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By Tyli

Monday, 30 November 2015

The Revolting Room

Kia ora and welcome to my blog this is a blog post about Poetry Me, Juliet, Shavana and Keis (and maybe may) all four of us created a poem about a revolting room we had to write about it in poetry and now here it is hope you enjoy please share to other's and please subscribe and comment down below thanks for reading my blog hope for you to visit next time.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Badage Of Honour

This Is My slide show about how these to boys made big mistakes
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The Day I Lost My Sister

The Day I lost My Sister

On a Saturday, I took my little sister out. to the sliver park Auckland mall. So I wanted to do something special with her, we would play and run around. we would get our nails done, sparkled up so nicely that everyone would  get jealous.

Then I asked my little sister to “go wait by the toilet door for me”. When I came out. She wasn't there? I would call out for her name and ask people if they have seen her agitated as HELL!!. thinking what would my mother say to me.

I went back to all the shops we went to but she still wasn't there then I went back to the toilets where I last left her and there she was sitting down bursted out into tears waiting for me. I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug I could ever give her and I told her “I would never do this again”.

I felt so glad to find my sister and at the same time I felt scared when I left her behind with no one to stay by her side.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Term 4- Survivors

Today Is the first day of term 4, Monday 12 Oct 2015, And This term's theme is Survivors. This morning we had Our Immersion Assembly about Survivors. Each team presented what their going to learn this term. I really liked their Idea's It was creative, interesting, and great for the environment. But the most Idea That I liked out of all the team's Idea's was Team 5 I Liked team 5's because it was really creative, really funny, really artistic. I did like the other's team's Idea but our's was better.

Team 1's Idea was very pleasing and funny because they made a singing competition the song was roar by Katty Perry, each teacher had to select two pt Englanders  and sing up stage and Mrs Kings daughter  WON!! the competition and she got an award with something inside saying That she is going on A trip to go with team 1 to the zoo. (How cool is that she is lucky).

Team 2 presented I movie about dinosaurs. The movie was very amusing and boring but it got better at the end of the movie. What they also presented was that team 2 are going to be researching dinosaurs.
Team 3 Are making their very own dinosaurs, It is going to be very creative and will be fun to do. Can't wait to see what there dinosaurs are going to look like, what's its name, what kind of dinosaur is it, what does it eat, and all those kind of Questions are going to be asked.

Team 4 are doing research about animals of how they survive Their movie was very funny if you would like to watch it go visit their blog. Team 5 what they did was very very funny what they did was and eating competition but the teacher's had to do the eating competition. it was funny as everyone was laughing then Miss Clark WON!! That eating competition After that they brought out  some super hero's drawing's They were very cool and artistic. So team 5 is researching how human's survive.

By Tyli
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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Explanation: How to prevent yourself from getting sick

Intro - Winter is here, with winter comes sickness. Being sick is one of the worst ways of having a bad day. It is very Important that we look after Ourselves and where we put our hands. Below are a few ways to prevent yourself from getting sick.

P 1- One of the easiest ways of staying healthy is eating a balanced range of food. This means eating from the 5 food groups with a focus on fruits and vegetables. If you do that then your body will receive all the nutrients it needs to be in the best condition to fight off invading germs.

P 2 -Group one One of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting sick is not sharing your food or drinks.This means “do not make any contact with food or drinks, because you are spreading your germs to other people that now have your sickness. If you do this then you will stop your friends and family from getting sick by Not sharing any of your food or drinks and you won’t get sick that will stop the germs from spreading.

P 3 - Another way to prevent yourself from getting sick is to avoid shaking a sick person hand. This means  To avoid making any contact by not shaking hands with sick people, because they since and cough on and in their hands, preventing others to get sick by sharing their sickness to each other. If you do this then you will stay healthy and wouldn't have to worry about getting sick.

Conclusion These are some ways To Prevent yourself from getting sick. If you do this then you wouldn't have to get stressed out about getting sick It's a good way to stay healthy.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Talking Points Reflection

Welcome Blogger's and this is my Talking points reflection, This Is about actively speaking & listening we get in groups and listen to whoever is speaking.
By Tyli

Friday, 4 September 2015

My $20 And $200 Tala

Welcome bloggers to My Blog post, This is my movie animation I made earlier, IT Is Could My $20 and $200 Tala, hope you enjoyed,  Please subscribe and hope you to visit again.
By Tyli

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to Be Financially Responsible

Kia ora bloger's and this is my slide presentation foe to day it is about how to be financially responsible, saving. as you can see I have only done four slides don't worry I will finish them off shortly. for now this is all I have now. Thank you for visiting My blog hope for you to visit again.
By Tyli

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Groceries Store Mistake Completed

This is a Google drawing of the  mistakes on the other picture I wrote about, and here I have fixed the mistakes that there was On the other picture This is my Groceries store mistake. Thanks for coming to My blog hope for you to visit another time.
By Tyli

Groceries Store Mistake

Today Mrs Moala showed   me and her maths class a picture from a friend that was  shared to her, the problem was that how much it cost, It says that the red Capsicans were only $1.98 and says, any 2 for $5. It also says  "Hass avocados not red Capsicans" the Person who sent this to Mrs Moala, her name was Josaphine. she spotted this at Maybe count-down or pakin-save.
By Tyli

Monday, 17 August 2015

Multiplication & Division

Kia ora and welcome to my blog this is a slideshow about Multiplication & Division  so I hope that you enjoy reading and learning things of this so hope you enjoy it.
By Tyli

What Time Is It?

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog this is a slideshow about telling the time
first it tells you about the clock. then There are are five slides of ways to tell the times my ways of showing the time. to slide 7-11 those are five ways of the clock. Thanks for coming to my blog hope you enjoyed reading my slideshow hope for you to visit a another time Bye.
By Tyli

Friday, 14 August 2015


Hello this is a slide show about spend, share, and save hope you enjoy reading my slide show
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By Tyli .

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ratio Practice

This is a little slide show about Ratio's Hope you enjoy reading please comment back when you have finish Hope for you to visit my blog again Bye.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Reality trip

Today during class  my class, class 4 the class was watching a TV show was about 5 New Zealander's go around the world experiencing other things.

firstly they had to get on a plane to Asia For there first adventure. There names are Kieran, Steve, Stephine, Ana and Peter. Stephine  is the one that buys really expensive staff, she was not interested in what ever they were doing all she wanted to do was sit and watch them make coil. what happen is they had to make coil  for the company they were experience, it takes one hour to make three hundred coil and some only made 10% of that a mint because the coils are so tiny it took them 1 hour just to make 30 of them it is very difficult to make coil.

Way before they started making the coil, they all weren't allowed to wear any jewellery or make up, Stephine was broke hearted. she was not enjoying this at all. for the boys it took the a lot of time for them to finish of 1 or 2 coils, for the lady's they were handling it great the boy's thought it was very hard to do. Thinking its a woman's job to do. but it wasn't, it was just that they weren't taking it seriously joking around being silly kids.The most shocking thing for me wasn't anything .

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Money How Much Is It?

This slide show is about money, its showing how much it is. You have to figure it out of a how much it is I hope you enjoyed my slide show hope for you to visit again thank you.
By Tyli

Monday, 29 June 2015

Me & May Why Pigs Are Pink #Num 2

Why Pigs are PINK

In the year of 1950 before humans brought meat there was a little crew of Brown Pigs, who lived in Glen Innes.

Their Big Dream was to be on live TV and be a Superstar on the Stage. They went to a place at Glen Innes called Te Oro. They found a dancing studio where they could dance and dance and dance, but they had a small problem, Their problem was that the owner of the Dance Studio said that this studio is allowed pink Pigs but they were brown pigs, they felt pretty sad so they went back home.

The next morning one of the brown Pigs named Grouchy woke them up early in the morning because he found out that the famous Superstar Pinky the pig was coming to perform at Te Oro. Grouchy woke them all up and said “Hey guys thats enough sleeping in and lets go I have a brilliant idea”. Grouchy took them to a man that is also going to the Perform at Te Oro. He told them that if they wanted to perform they had to be pink pigs to be in the concert so they had a plan  . . . . . .  Da Da Da Da.

They went to a paint store and they found the right colour sitting right in front of them, on the shelf, Grouchy said “Hey it’s over there” They quickly grabbed the Pink Paint and brought it straight away. They forgot that the concert was Tonight at 10pm so they quickly got Pink on themselves and they ran off to the concert.

They were very lucky because they were the first ones there and they got to be the first ones picking their seats. They choose to sit right in the front so they could take some #SELFLES with Pink The concert started getting bigger and bigger and more animals came to see pink perform. Everyone was crying And screaming and saying “ I LOVE YOU PINK!!” They kept on screaming like they have never seen Pink before and Pink just kept on singing and also dancing.

Finally the concert was over. When they got home they were going crazy looking at the pictures that they took while Pink wasn't looking. One of the Pigs named Prickly said “lets go shower and take this paint off”. So they went shower and they were trying to take the paint off but they didn't know that the Pink Paint was actually a Pink Permanent paint. They started crying and blaming each other, they choose the Pink Paint and they didn't read the label before they put it on. Grouchy said “Lets just go to sleep and maybe it would come off tomorrow”

So all the pigs went to sleep and the next morning they woke up and they were still in Pretty Pink. Prickly said “We will never be brown again” . . . . .

And That is why Pigs are Pink


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Graphic Organiser

This Is my Graphic Organiser. The article is About the boy on a bike. The Graphic organiser has everything that I read from the article Some of the article.

Hope you enjoy reading And thanks for reading

Monday, 22 June 2015

Me & May Pouquoi

Why Dogs Sniff Butts?

In the year of 1842, before humans killed dogs, there was a gang of 32 Dogs that lived in China. They were feeling really hot so they went to the beach party.

They were having some much fun at the beach party, They turned up the music and took of their butts and jumped in the water splash! splash!. When they got out of the water there butts had been taken by The African dogs. So they went wandering off looking for their butts.

Until this huge wave came crashing down on them, dogs everywhere, They had been taken into the ocean And the African dogs came too.They woke u and studdenly they ended up in FIJI they didn't realise that the huge wave took them to FIJI.

They walking and Then a group of girls and boys came dancing in front of them and it was pretty much like a welcoming so then they dogs started dancing with them. The president of Fiji took them to a place to stay. The next day they went looking around FIJI smelling other dogs butts, trying to find their butts. There was still no answer to finding their butts. The dogs went back to where they were staying to have a rest. When they woke up their butts had been placed on the shelf next to them. They were wandering who brought their butts back.

The President came and told them that the "African dogs that took there butts Were also in Fiji. So they brought their butts back to you".

So The china's dogs wanted have a party to celebrate for the return of there butts. At the party there was all the Fijians and also all of the African dogs. They all had a Twerking competition to see who was the best. Then the China’s Police dogs came to asked if The Fijians had some lost china's dogs, The President said “ROOF, ROOF, ROOF & ROOF”, it means yes we do have some lost china's dogs, they are at the party. The China’s police said “Shank You ” "Yes Shank You" They took them into their little cages and sent back to China.

And that is why dogs sniff butts
The End -_-

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Task For Today

These to photo's are apart of what my task was I had to find out what the perimeter and the area was for each shape on the right-hand side those were all the shapes that I had to do. First thing I had to do was find out what each side was, then add them all together. On the left-hand side is My working out for each question.

I started this task on Monday I had to do this in my maths book And finished it today. I checked each answer if they were right or wrong.

Thank you for reading my blog post hope you enjoyed reading this bye 

Maths Progression

 Today My group for maths which is me, koula, kat, rebekah and Gia. we had to solve a problem Up top in the left-hand conner  is where are working out for Mrs Moala. My teacher thinks that my group is somewhere in purple. Because we can use the best strategy to solve a problem. we can use multiple strategies to check a my solution is correct.  we can explain to others the best strategy and justify why I have used it. we can teach other students strategies that are new to them and answer questions when they are unsure.

That is why Mrs moala thinks we are around somewhere in purple.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Digizen Post

Today for Maths we had Miss Kyla for maths, we needed to design our own digizen on line citizen. Digizen is someone that's on line being positive and saying positive things or doing there work and writing nice word.

This is my digizen design I made 30 minutes ago. Now I am going to explain what these objects mean. The 2 Arrow up top means going the right way, The face means being kind to each other or giving someone something that makes them happy. The plus means being positive when giving them an answer or question's. The star means being your best at everything, the thumbs up  means your making good progress with your work. the cross means don't do naughty things when being on line.

Thank you for reading Hope you Enjoyed. Leave a comment if you like this or unsure what this means again thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

In maths I think that I am at green in maths because I can use 2-3 different strategies to solve a problem.

I am beginning to identify the best strategy and share my thinking I can ask others questions when I am not sure of their explanation.

My goal is to get to blue I will Try an use the best strategy to solve a problem. will try and use  other strategies to check my solution is correct. I will identify and explain the best strategy.I ask and answer questions about strategies. and that how I will try to get to the blue.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Tinkering, Tools and Toys

Today for zeal zone, team 5 began, Tinkering, tools and toys. Our class spent time to brainstorm ways of how to make Pt England a better places to be. I am in a group with Koula, Selegia, May, Finau and Ashanty Our group name is the Minions.

My group has decided that we are going to change the girls/boys uniform colour as blue and purple. We did the T-shirt-purple and the skirt-blue for the girls and we also  we change the logo as a kiwi. Boys uniform, the T-shirt-purple and the shorts-blue.
By Tyli
Term 2 Graphic.png

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

First World War Mascots: Animals At War.

In Mr Wiseman reading class we had to read and article about the ANZAC Mascot. The four things that I learnt was that the Mascot would always help them on their journey in the war, like the dogs will sniff the way throw and the cat would catch there dinner, breakfast and lunch. if they have no food to eat.
By Tyli.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Every Friday team 5 the year 7&8 block does zeal zone there is Cooking, P.e, Art, history and music, today my group is doing music. I like doing music because You can make music, also learn music and listen to it. so every Friday's we go to different classes for zeal zone. and the teacher we have (for today) is Mr Slade, what song we have learnt is we'll meet again and Its a long way to Tipperary. and my group is going to show this event to the rest of the year 7&8 block. and I hope they would enjoy them selfs for what is going to happen after launch.
by Tyli

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ANZAC Day Memorial

What I feel for those that lay there for many years feeling proud of them for fighting for New Zealand thinking thankful for battling in combat for our country. I was very sorrow that had happened many years ago, this event happened in 1914 ended in 1918.

It is very hurtful to think about it too much, Sometimes I feel miserable having to talk about it nearly 16 people died in 20 minutes or maybe more killed.

Thinking of all those men that had a family to go back too, but mostly some of them didn't come back, ten percent of New Zealanders went to war for this, woman’s lost their husbands and loved ones, and Children's lost their father's and brother’s. It took many years for people to put the war behind them, Some never did.

Year’s past and day’s went on and we still haven’t forgotten about…. , It is 2015 this event has been going on. Since 1915, ANZAC day is to celebrate WW1 because the poppies remind them about the war that is why we were poppies as a reminder of them.

Friday, 24 April 2015

This Is a slideshow about WW1 in 1916 may the 31st 
made by: Me, Puawai and Paige

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The very first thing is that I like going to the Point England beach with my family. because it's fun, it's cool and also exciting.the second one is me I was feeling happy, The third one is sports I love playing rugby , netball.tag/riper rugby,touch and soccer. fourth is My familyI also love them more than anything in the world. I am Te Reo maori I am a New Zealander.

 I hope you like it, Thanks For reading..........

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Question's for yr 7's & 8's

2015 Welcome

Kia Ora! Welcome to my blog. My name is Tyli and I am a year 8 student at Point England School. I am also 12 year's old. I am nice, sweet and kind once you get to know me. I can be mean, bad and not that perfect but I try my best to be good. I am a sporty kind of girl and I love to play activities most days.

I go to school because it's fun, cool, and you get to learn more about different kinds of objects, subjects and other things in the world. The subjects I like are writing and maths.
The activities I LOVE doing are Rugby, handball, softball, netball, soccer and a little bit of running.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!! Please comment n Room 4's Blog!