Monday, 29 June 2015

Me & May Why Pigs Are Pink #Num 2

Why Pigs are PINK

In the year of 1950 before humans brought meat there was a little crew of Brown Pigs, who lived in Glen Innes.

Their Big Dream was to be on live TV and be a Superstar on the Stage. They went to a place at Glen Innes called Te Oro. They found a dancing studio where they could dance and dance and dance, but they had a small problem, Their problem was that the owner of the Dance Studio said that this studio is allowed pink Pigs but they were brown pigs, they felt pretty sad so they went back home.

The next morning one of the brown Pigs named Grouchy woke them up early in the morning because he found out that the famous Superstar Pinky the pig was coming to perform at Te Oro. Grouchy woke them all up and said “Hey guys thats enough sleeping in and lets go I have a brilliant idea”. Grouchy took them to a man that is also going to the Perform at Te Oro. He told them that if they wanted to perform they had to be pink pigs to be in the concert so they had a plan  . . . . . .  Da Da Da Da.

They went to a paint store and they found the right colour sitting right in front of them, on the shelf, Grouchy said “Hey it’s over there” They quickly grabbed the Pink Paint and brought it straight away. They forgot that the concert was Tonight at 10pm so they quickly got Pink on themselves and they ran off to the concert.

They were very lucky because they were the first ones there and they got to be the first ones picking their seats. They choose to sit right in the front so they could take some #SELFLES with Pink The concert started getting bigger and bigger and more animals came to see pink perform. Everyone was crying And screaming and saying “ I LOVE YOU PINK!!” They kept on screaming like they have never seen Pink before and Pink just kept on singing and also dancing.

Finally the concert was over. When they got home they were going crazy looking at the pictures that they took while Pink wasn't looking. One of the Pigs named Prickly said “lets go shower and take this paint off”. So they went shower and they were trying to take the paint off but they didn't know that the Pink Paint was actually a Pink Permanent paint. They started crying and blaming each other, they choose the Pink Paint and they didn't read the label before they put it on. Grouchy said “Lets just go to sleep and maybe it would come off tomorrow”

So all the pigs went to sleep and the next morning they woke up and they were still in Pretty Pink. Prickly said “We will never be brown again” . . . . .

And That is why Pigs are Pink


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Graphic Organiser

This Is my Graphic Organiser. The article is About the boy on a bike. The Graphic organiser has everything that I read from the article Some of the article.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Me & May Pouquoi

Why Dogs Sniff Butts?

In the year of 1842, before humans killed dogs, there was a gang of 32 Dogs that lived in China. They were feeling really hot so they went to the beach party.

They were having some much fun at the beach party, They turned up the music and took of their butts and jumped in the water splash! splash!. When they got out of the water there butts had been taken by The African dogs. So they went wandering off looking for their butts.

Until this huge wave came crashing down on them, dogs everywhere, They had been taken into the ocean And the African dogs came too.They woke u and studdenly they ended up in FIJI they didn't realise that the huge wave took them to FIJI.

They walking and Then a group of girls and boys came dancing in front of them and it was pretty much like a welcoming so then they dogs started dancing with them. The president of Fiji took them to a place to stay. The next day they went looking around FIJI smelling other dogs butts, trying to find their butts. There was still no answer to finding their butts. The dogs went back to where they were staying to have a rest. When they woke up their butts had been placed on the shelf next to them. They were wandering who brought their butts back.

The President came and told them that the "African dogs that took there butts Were also in Fiji. So they brought their butts back to you".

So The china's dogs wanted have a party to celebrate for the return of there butts. At the party there was all the Fijians and also all of the African dogs. They all had a Twerking competition to see who was the best. Then the China’s Police dogs came to asked if The Fijians had some lost china's dogs, The President said “ROOF, ROOF, ROOF & ROOF”, it means yes we do have some lost china's dogs, they are at the party. The China’s police said “Shank You ” "Yes Shank You" They took them into their little cages and sent back to China.

And that is why dogs sniff butts
The End -_-

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Task For Today

These to photo's are apart of what my task was I had to find out what the perimeter and the area was for each shape on the right-hand side those were all the shapes that I had to do. First thing I had to do was find out what each side was, then add them all together. On the left-hand side is My working out for each question.

I started this task on Monday I had to do this in my maths book And finished it today. I checked each answer if they were right or wrong.

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Maths Progression

 Today My group for maths which is me, koula, kat, rebekah and Gia. we had to solve a problem Up top in the left-hand conner  is where are working out for Mrs Moala. My teacher thinks that my group is somewhere in purple. Because we can use the best strategy to solve a problem. we can use multiple strategies to check a my solution is correct.  we can explain to others the best strategy and justify why I have used it. we can teach other students strategies that are new to them and answer questions when they are unsure.

That is why Mrs moala thinks we are around somewhere in purple.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Digizen Post

Today for Maths we had Miss Kyla for maths, we needed to design our own digizen on line citizen. Digizen is someone that's on line being positive and saying positive things or doing there work and writing nice word.

This is my digizen design I made 30 minutes ago. Now I am going to explain what these objects mean. The 2 Arrow up top means going the right way, The face means being kind to each other or giving someone something that makes them happy. The plus means being positive when giving them an answer or question's. The star means being your best at everything, the thumbs up  means your making good progress with your work. the cross means don't do naughty things when being on line.

Thank you for reading Hope you Enjoyed. Leave a comment if you like this or unsure what this means again thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

In maths I think that I am at green in maths because I can use 2-3 different strategies to solve a problem.

I am beginning to identify the best strategy and share my thinking I can ask others questions when I am not sure of their explanation.

My goal is to get to blue I will Try an use the best strategy to solve a problem. will try and use  other strategies to check my solution is correct. I will identify and explain the best strategy.I ask and answer questions about strategies. and that how I will try to get to the blue.