Friday, 29 May 2015

Tinkering, Tools and Toys

Today for zeal zone, team 5 began, Tinkering, tools and toys. Our class spent time to brainstorm ways of how to make Pt England a better places to be. I am in a group with Koula, Selegia, May, Finau and Ashanty Our group name is the Minions.

My group has decided that we are going to change the girls/boys uniform colour as blue and purple. We did the T-shirt-purple and the skirt-blue for the girls and we also  we change the logo as a kiwi. Boys uniform, the T-shirt-purple and the shorts-blue.
By Tyli
Term 2 Graphic.png

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

First World War Mascots: Animals At War.

In Mr Wiseman reading class we had to read and article about the ANZAC Mascot. The four things that I learnt was that the Mascot would always help them on their journey in the war, like the dogs will sniff the way throw and the cat would catch there dinner, breakfast and lunch. if they have no food to eat.
By Tyli.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Every Friday team 5 the year 7&8 block does zeal zone there is Cooking, P.e, Art, history and music, today my group is doing music. I like doing music because You can make music, also learn music and listen to it. so every Friday's we go to different classes for zeal zone. and the teacher we have (for today) is Mr Slade, what song we have learnt is we'll meet again and Its a long way to Tipperary. and my group is going to show this event to the rest of the year 7&8 block. and I hope they would enjoy them selfs for what is going to happen after launch.
by Tyli

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ANZAC Day Memorial

What I feel for those that lay there for many years feeling proud of them for fighting for New Zealand thinking thankful for battling in combat for our country. I was very sorrow that had happened many years ago, this event happened in 1914 ended in 1918.

It is very hurtful to think about it too much, Sometimes I feel miserable having to talk about it nearly 16 people died in 20 minutes or maybe more killed.

Thinking of all those men that had a family to go back too, but mostly some of them didn't come back, ten percent of New Zealanders went to war for this, woman’s lost their husbands and loved ones, and Children's lost their father's and brother’s. It took many years for people to put the war behind them, Some never did.

Year’s past and day’s went on and we still haven’t forgotten about…. , It is 2015 this event has been going on. Since 1915, ANZAC day is to celebrate WW1 because the poppies remind them about the war that is why we were poppies as a reminder of them.