Friday, 31 July 2015

Reality trip

Today during class  my class, class 4 the class was watching a TV show was about 5 New Zealander's go around the world experiencing other things.

firstly they had to get on a plane to Asia For there first adventure. There names are Kieran, Steve, Stephine, Ana and Peter. Stephine  is the one that buys really expensive staff, she was not interested in what ever they were doing all she wanted to do was sit and watch them make coil. what happen is they had to make coil  for the company they were experience, it takes one hour to make three hundred coil and some only made 10% of that a mint because the coils are so tiny it took them 1 hour just to make 30 of them it is very difficult to make coil.

Way before they started making the coil, they all weren't allowed to wear any jewellery or make up, Stephine was broke hearted. she was not enjoying this at all. for the boys it took the a lot of time for them to finish of 1 or 2 coils, for the lady's they were handling it great the boy's thought it was very hard to do. Thinking its a woman's job to do. but it wasn't, it was just that they weren't taking it seriously joking around being silly kids.The most shocking thing for me wasn't anything .

Thank you for ready this blog post hope for you to read some more bye......

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Money How Much Is It?

This slide show is about money, its showing how much it is. You have to figure it out of a how much it is I hope you enjoyed my slide show hope for you to visit again thank you.
By Tyli