Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Badage Of Honour

This Is My slide show about how these to boys made big mistakes
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The Day I Lost My Sister

The Day I lost My Sister

On a Saturday, I took my little sister out. to the sliver park Auckland mall. So I wanted to do something special with her, we would play and run around. we would get our nails done, sparkled up so nicely that everyone would  get jealous.

Then I asked my little sister to “go wait by the toilet door for me”. When I came out. She wasn't there? I would call out for her name and ask people if they have seen her agitated as HELL!!. thinking what would my mother say to me.

I went back to all the shops we went to but she still wasn't there then I went back to the toilets where I last left her and there she was sitting down bursted out into tears waiting for me. I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug I could ever give her and I told her “I would never do this again”.

I felt so glad to find my sister and at the same time I felt scared when I left her behind with no one to stay by her side.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Term 4- Survivors

Today Is the first day of term 4, Monday 12 Oct 2015, And This term's theme is Survivors. This morning we had Our Immersion Assembly about Survivors. Each team presented what their going to learn this term. I really liked their Idea's It was creative, interesting, and great for the environment. But the most Idea That I liked out of all the team's Idea's was Team 5 I Liked team 5's because it was really creative, really funny, really artistic. I did like the other's team's Idea but our's was better.

Team 1's Idea was very pleasing and funny because they made a singing competition the song was roar by Katty Perry, each teacher had to select two pt Englanders  and sing up stage and Mrs Kings daughter  WON!! the competition and she got an award with something inside saying That she is going on A trip to go with team 1 to the zoo. (How cool is that she is lucky).

Team 2 presented I movie about dinosaurs. The movie was very amusing and boring but it got better at the end of the movie. What they also presented was that team 2 are going to be researching dinosaurs.
Team 3 Are making their very own dinosaurs, It is going to be very creative and will be fun to do. Can't wait to see what there dinosaurs are going to look like, what's its name, what kind of dinosaur is it, what does it eat, and all those kind of Questions are going to be asked.

Team 4 are doing research about animals of how they survive Their movie was very funny if you would like to watch it go visit their blog. Team 5 what they did was very very funny what they did was and eating competition but the teacher's had to do the eating competition. it was funny as everyone was laughing then Miss Clark WON!! That eating competition After that they brought out  some super hero's drawing's They were very cool and artistic. So team 5 is researching how human's survive.

By Tyli
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