Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas Day Was Awesome!

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Well this month is December the very last month of 2015 OMG!! and last week Friday Was Christmas Eve. What me and My whanau do for Xmas. We went down To Hawks Bay To Waitotara To have Christmas On Christmas day My whanau was spending our time down in Waitotara with Justin's-Step Dad whanau.Image result for hangi maori foodImage result for pavlovaImage result for Eton mess
"We Also Had a MEAN AS FEED!! MEAN Feed" we had Hangi(under ground cook food) On It Was SOO! delicious, All the Whanau had a big feed and for dessert we had Pavlova, there was also another tasty dessert called the Eton Mess and other dessert's (forgot the names of the desserts). They So nice My Mouth was watery, I just couldn't wait to put it in my mouth.

After we had a satisfying, delicious, (Maori Style) Hangi and the most joyable fabulous desserts. Once our stomach had calm down from the Mean feed. Me and My Tamariki-(Mum, Step Dad, and Kids) went down to the beach to have a little swim to cool down The rest of the Whanau stayed home. What me and my siblings got for Christmas was a Xbox 360 that we all have to share I mean that ok with me so Yeah!!.
"I really have Enjoyed this Year so much It had been really pleasing and achievable I can't wait for next year WOW!!".
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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Frations And Percent

Kia orana and welcome to my Blog As you all know my name is Tyli i Just wanted to say it anyway's lolz. any ways this is a blog post about fraction and percent. Done in Miss Hockly's maths class.
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By Tyli